New Era Restaurant

NEW ERA RESTAURANT is located on the ground floor which an upscale and stylish boutique located right in the heart of The Red River . NEW ERA RESTAURANT offers a classy and contemporary vibe for a tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy the elegant ambiance with the touch of enchanting décor. Embark on an adventure of intangible cultural heritage with the exotic flavors of Vietnam’s bustling cuisine, with “pho” noodle soup, with house special mushroom spring roll, or Vietnamese grilled fish with turmeric & dill. Savor the International culinary delights with creamy pumpkin soup, house special salmon, and perfect tender Fuji beefsteak with secret sauce. Our menu also features a variety collection of wine and desserts that enhance your flavorful adventure with gorgeous taste.
At the NEW ERA RESTAURANT it is not just about what you eat, but also great service and charming ambiance that craft a holistic dining experience. Dine in with us and indulge your senses in the hidden jewel of RED RIVER.